Most of my confidential reports – like one on the Kosovo conflict for the UN Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention (ODCCP), Terrorism Prevention Branch (TPB) in Vienna – I wrote for, and during my work at, the Interdisciplinary Research Programme on Root Causes of Human Rights Violations (PIOOM) at Leiden University between 1998 and 2002.

Afterwards, I wrote other advisory policy papers and reports, like Research Into Political Unrest (2002) during my partnership in my father’s TenDam Management Consultancy (originally; then; now, and Rebellion, terrorism, other violence (2007), both of which can be considered preparations and precursors to my current book project Conceptualising Brutality and Violence (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, forthcoming).

Due to confidentiality clauses, I cannot reproduce and make available the confidential reports in full, but only the formal contracts and the titles with their abstracts in the list below.


Reports & papers

®: originally, or could be considered as, advisory reports with policy recommendations.

∆: In the near future, I may make available some of my paper and powerpoint presentations at (guest) lectures and conferences, to be shown on a separate webpage on this site.





‘Private Military Contractors: Deplore or Deploy? – Lessons from the ‘Blackwater Scandal’ in Iraq’ Forum of EthnoGeoPolitics Vol.1 No.2, Autumn 2013, pp.20-47 (incl. Critical Responses and authors’ reaction). ®)


‘Private Military Contractors: Deploy or Avoid? – Lessons from the ‘Blackwater scandal’ in Iraq’


‘How to define rebellion, terrorism and other violence’,  (short version) &   How to define rebellion, terrorism and other violence’(long version)

NB: I have regularly modified and improved some of the arguments and definitions since then; these should be evident in more recent publications. Yet the main points still stand.


Guest lecture on ‘Islamist terrorism in the Balkans’, University of Amsterdam and extra information:

Organization scheme UÇK and bibliography

NB: this is an example of one of my first lectures and academic presentations. ∆


‘Research into Political Unrest for International Agencies, Governments, Companies  and Non-Profit Organisations’ Ten Dam Management Consultancy

1999 – 2000

Confidential report on Kosovo for the UN Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention (ODCCP), Terrorism Prevention Branch (TPB) Vienna, Austria.