Caspar ten Dam (MA political science) has been building a significant publication record in recent years; multiple articles, book chapters and other manuscripts have been published, or will be published, in peer-reviewed journals, other journals and (academic) books, including books of his own as the sole or main author. The publication list shown below can also be found in the extensive and detailed version of my CV (see webpage ‘Curriculum Vitae’, or directly see cvacengcdam2018). This list only shows, next to pending major book publications, publications that already have appeared; the list will be regularly updated with additional publications, that are as of now still pending, or in the planning and writing stages.

Apart from the websites and online-editions of the journals and publishers in question, most of my publications are freely available and downloadable at:


Leiden University Repository


Association for the Study of EthnoGeoPolitics (see further page ‘Other projects’)



Publication list

®: were originally, or could also be considered as, advisory reports, i.e. reports with policy recommendations (see further page ‘Reports’).


Forthcoming book publications:

–  Conceptualising Brutality and Violence: How to Grasp, Define and Deal with Terrorism and Other Forms of Violence in a Post 11 September World, Cambridge Scholars Publishing ®

–  Violence-values among Chechens and Albanians in Vendettas, Political Rivalries and Armed Struggles against the Russians and Serbs, Yerevan Series of Oriental Studies

–   Ways to Rebel: Values, Aims and Methods of Violence – Testing a theory of Brutalisation on the Chechen and Albanian Insurgents 1979-2001, Cambridge Scholars Publishing


Book publications, book chapters

2015           ‘The Limitations of Military Psychology: Combat-stress and Violence-values among the Chechens and Albanians’ (pp.577-627) in: U. Bläsing, V. Arakelova & M. Weinreich (eds.), Studies on Iran and The Caucasus – Festschrift in Honour of Garnik Asatrian   Leiden: Brill, June 2015; ISBN: 9789004302013; Military Psychology Caspar ten Dam


Research articles (peer-reviewed)

2013               ‘Private Military Contractors: Deplore or Deploy? – Lessons from the ‘Blackwater Scandal’ in Iraq’ Forum of EthnoGeoPolitics Vol.1 No.2, Autumn 2013, pp.20-47 (incl. Critical Responses and authors’ reaction);  

2010-2012     ‘How to Feud and Rebel:

1. Violence-values among the Chechens and Albanians’ Iran and the Caucasus Vol.14 No.2, November 2010, pp.331-65;

‘2. Histories, Cultures and Grievances of the Chechens and Albanians’ Vol.15 Nos.1-2, June 2011, pp.234-73; 

‘3. Combat-stress and Violence-values among the Chechens and Albanians’ Vol.16 No.2, July 2012, pp.225-45; 

‘4. Conflict Motivations of Chechens and Albanians’ (forthcoming).

2008               & Pavlos Koktsidis, ‘A Success Story? – Analyzing Albanian Ethno-Nationalist Extremism in the Balkans’ East European Quarterly Vol.42 No.2, 22 June 2008, pp.161-90; 


Book reviews

2014-2015                 Matthias Weinreich, ‘ “We Are Here to Stay” – Pashtun Migrants in the Northern Areas of Pakistan’ (Klaus Schwarz Verlag, 2010) Journal of International Migration & Integration Online January 2014, DOI 10.1007/s12134-013-0314-4; Vol.16, No.3, August 2015, pp.841-844.  imiCtenDambookreviewHeretoStayJuly2015.

2013                 Pavlos I. Koktsidis, ‘Strategic Rebellion: Ethnic Conflict in FYR Macedonia and the Balkans’ (Peter Lang, 2012) Nationalism and Ethnic Politics Vol.19 No.3, August 2013, pp.375-78;

2012                 F. Companjen, L. Marácz & L. Versteegh (eds.), ‘Exploring the Caucasus in the 21st Century: Essays on Culture, History and Politics in a Dynamic Context’ (Amsterdam University Press, 2010) Iran and the Caucasus Vol.16 No.3, 2012, pp.369-74;

2009                 Emil Souleimanov, ‘An Endless War: The Russian–Chechen Conflict in Perspective’ (Peter Lang, 2007) Ethnopolitics Vol.8 No.2, June 2009, pp.268–69;


Other articles (editorially reviewed, own publications, etc.)

2015                  ‘Let’s be Clear: A Call for Tripartite Action-Actor-Motivation Conceptualisations in Social-Scientific Research’ (Editorial) Forum of EthnoGeoPolitics Vol.3 No.1, Spring 2015, pp.5-18.  CtenDamEditorialForumEGPVol3No1Spring2015

2015                  & Sahin Sisić, ‘Life Against Death: Srebrenica—Digest of the first presentation of Kadir Habibović’s book in the Netherlands’ Forum of EthnoGeoPolitics Vol.3 No.1, Spring 2015, pp.91-93.  CtenDamSahinSisicSrebrenicaForumEGPVol3No1Spring2015

2014                  ‘Patriotism and Brutality vis-à-vis Nationalism, Ethnicity and other Identity Formations’ (Editorial) Forum of EthnoGeoPolitics Vol.2 No.2, Autumn 2014, pp.5-19.

2014                 & B. Rezvani, et al, ‘The Iran Nuclear Interim Deal: Analysis & Debate’ Forum of EthnoGeoPolitics Vol.2 No.1, Spring 2014, pp.45-53; see

2013                 & B. Rezvani, ‘Foundational Declaration, with a Summary of EGP’s Activities’ Forum of EthnoGeoPolitics Vol.1 No.1, Spring 2013, pp.7-8; see

2010                 ‘Private Military Contractors: Deploy or Avoid? – Lessons from the ‘Blackwater scandal’ in Iraq’; BlackwaterarticleCtenDam2010.  ®


Working papers (forthcoming publications, etc. NB: under embargo; ask permission for references and citations)

2015                Chechen clans and clan-structures: definitions, types, classifications and the need for further research (© 2013, 2015); ClansGroupsViolenceValuesinBattleCDam2015.

2015               Degrees of violence: exploratory data for the Brutalisation project (© 2009, 2012, 2015); DegreesofViolenceBrutalisationCtenDam2015.