Curriculum Vitae

Personal & contact details


Name                  Ten DamActing

First names       Caspar Tristan

Address             Ververstraat 27 E, 2312 LR Leiden, the Netherlands

Birth date            16 November 1967, Dordrecht, the Netherlands

Nationalitity       Dutch

Telephone         (+31) (0)6 – 3609 2780 (private)   (+31) (0)6 – 574 19204 (work)   (+31) (0)6 – 213 53957 (smartphone)


Other websites



See for a more extensive, detailed and updated CV: cvacengcdam2019new

℗: this site, the precursor of this website of CTDam Company, stays active given existing references to it.

∆: In the foreseeable future, I may make available some of my paper and powerpoint presentations at (guest) lectures and conferences, to be shown on a separate webpage on this site.



2005 – present   Partially funded PhD research ‘Ways to Rebel: Testing a theory of Brutalisation on the Chechen and Albanian insurgents 1979-2001’ at Queen’s University Belfast (2005-2009). I expect to receive my PhD at the Institute of History, Leiden University on the basis of my “How to Feud and Rebel” Series in the peer-reviewed journal Iran and the Caucasus (Brill). See for a Diagram of the latest version of my Brutalisation theory: BrutalisationDiagram2014.

1988 – 1997       MAPolitical Science (International Relations) at Leiden University, Netherlands. Prof.dr. Alex P. Schmid 20/10/1997: “high-quality work” (RecommASchmid1997_0001).   MA thesis Fragile peace in Macedonia: Interethnic tensions, attempts at conflict resolution, and prospects of armed conflict (MACEDONctendam1997).

1993                       ERASMUS certificate at Århus University, Denmark. Prof. Mette Skak 4/03/1994: a “scientific contribution” (RecommMSkak1994_0001).  Paper Separatist versus Centrist forces in the USSR, 1988-1991: Baltic and Transcaucasian cases (SovietAllianceFormation1993).

1987 – 1988       International Baccalaureate (IB) degree, A. Thijm College, Hilversum, Netherlands.

1985 – 1987       High School & 1st year IB American High School, São Paulo, Brazil.

1980 – 1985       Secondary and higher scientific education (VWO) at ‘Werkplaats Kinder-gemeenschap’, Bilthoven & ‘Herman Jordan Lyceum’, Zeist, Netherlands.


Work experience

2011 – present   Proofreader, editor and translator of manuscripts, for individuals and organisations like Tasso Publishers (, since 2014 through my own company CTDam Consultancy.

2010 – present   Secretary & co-founder of Association for the Study of EthnoGeoPolitics (EGP). Since 2013 executive editor of the journal Forum of EthnoGeoPolitics (see

2004 – 2013       Author study materials at Joho Company Leiden ( for 1st, 2nd and 3rd year BA, on e.g. human rights and Dutch state and public-administration law in 2004-2006, and on criminology and economics in 2012, and on public administration and political science in 2013.

2007                 Tutorial assistant for 1st year BA module ‘Social and Cultural Contours of Europe’, School of Politics Queen’s University Belfast (QUB).

2002 – 2005       Representative Tasso Publishers ( at book fairs, and for handling book orders by individual customers and book stores (part-time).

1998 – 2002       Researcher at the Interdisciplinary Research Programme on Root Causes of Human Rights Violations (PIOOM), Leiden University.

1999 – 2000       Confidential report on Kosovo for the UN Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention (ODCCP), Terrorism Prevention Branch (TPB) Vienna, Austria.


Lectures, conferences ∆

2012 – present   Participations/presentations for student associations and schools:

–   Lecture ‘(Blood)revenge among Chechens and Albanians’ for International Student Association (SIB) Leiden, 18  January 2012.

–  Participation at ‘This is War!’ congress by Psychology study association Labyrinth, Leiden, 12 April 2013.

–   Workshop ‘Challenges for research and activism’, Gamma symposium at ‘Werkplaats (Workplace)’ school, Bilthoven, 12 November 2013.

–    Participation at Leidschrift Symposium ‘Alien Warrior: foreign involvement in civil wars’, Leiden University, 4 March 2014.

2006 – present   Presenter and/or co-organiser at multiple conferences at home and abroad (US, Ireland, Northern-Ireland, Armenia, etc.), and author of multiple articles in academic journals. See further the more extensive, detailed CV upon request.


Voluntary work and activities

2004 – present   Chairman & co-founder of the International Committee for Humanitarian Intervention (

1993 – present   Leading member of Political Committee ‘Stari Most’ – Justice and Peace on the Balkans (PCSM; Spokesman 1994-96, 2004. Treasurer 1997-98. Chairman 1999-2003. Board member since.

2000 – 2004       Secretary & Treasurer of the Society ‘Kosova-Netherlands’ in The Hague, a social-cultural society for Albanians and (other) Dutch people.

1999 – 2001       Member Defense and Human Rights SWB (scientific bureau) working groups of Dutch political party ‘Democrats ’66’ (D66). Secretary latter group, 2000-2001.

1998 – 2001       Member Amnesty International; including Secretary of working group ‘541’ in The Hague, the Netherlands.




Dutch & English                       excellent; fluent

German & French          moderate; basic




Reading, debating, drawing, painting, country walking.