Through CTDam Consultancy I offer independent research, analysis, editing, translations, illustrations and advice.

I am specialised in conflict, radicalisation and terrorism studies, humanitarian intervention and conflict resolution, (im)migration issues and political developments in e.g. Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

I can plan, conduct, coordinate and participate in research, policy and other projects for academia, businesses, governments and NGOs, or carry out lobbying strategies and public awareness activities for these organisations.

Currently I am available for:

⇒ Summarising and interpreting confidential or public materials, literatures and reports.

E.g. CtenDamPMCsDeploreorDeployOct2013.

⇒ Writing confidential or public reports for businesses or other organisations.

One of my first confidential reports was in 1999-2000 on Kosovo for the UN Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention (ODCCP). Some of my publications are based on this report (e.g. EEQPavlosCasparJune2008).

⇒ Providing risk analyses of (in) countries and regions for businesses or other organisations.

One of my first such analyses was my paper ‘Research into Political Unrest’ (PolUnrestCtenDam2002).

⇒ Speaking at fora and other conferences.  See ‘Events’ posts.

⇒ Paid guest lectures, lecture or teaching assignments, and keynote speeches, some of which have been published.

E.g. fegpCtenDamPatriotismBrutalityEditorialNov2014.

⇒ Writing and developing texts, structures and layouts for new websites together with Kennis Centraal (Knowledge Central; contact info@kenniscentraal.nl) for e.g. NGOs, academic institutes, businesses or other organisations. Knowledge Central can also construct the websites, and/or act as a webmaster, data-analyst, ict-consultant a/o helpdesk assistant.


⇒ Proofreading, editing, illustrating and/or translating manuscripts from English to Dutch or vice versaSee ‘Events’ posts.

E.g. Hans TenDam, Initiation in Everyday Life (2014); www.tassouitgeverij.nl/index.php/en/?option=com_boekencomponent&bid=19.

E.g. “The Encounter”, “The Expert” and other cartoon projects (see https://stripkunst.wordpress.com; ‘Events’ posts) and my contribution to the ‘Ziel van Leiden’ (Soul of Leiden) cartoon-book project (www.dezielvanleiden.nl).